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These COMRO robots have not been manufactured for years. Unfortunately not too many examples of the Comro robots are still known to exist. Even though you may never get a chance to see a Comro in person you can read about here. If you know of any of these robots sitting around collecting dust or parts for these robots (In any condition), Please let me know! I would love to add one of these to my collection.

Picture of Comro Robot
The original Comro 1 Robot.

The original Comro 1 robot was supposed to be very expensive. It was listed in the Neiman Marcus catalog on the Mid 80's and I have been unable to find out if any were actually sold. I only have a few pictures of it and have never seen one in action.

Picture of Comro Tot Robot
The Comro Tot Robot

This is one of the later Comro robots also known as the TMC3000. I believe this was going to be their main robot in the Comro line. From what I have learned about it I believe the main computer was actually a SYM-1 or KIM-1 6502 based system. The body was made out of Fiberglass which was then painted white.

Besides the Comro 1 and Comro Tot (TMC3000), there were also a few other robots manufactured by Comro. These were the BubbleBot, Bumpy, Wires, and Tin Man. I assume these others were mainly prototypes and not many were made. I will add pictures of each one of these as soon as I can. If you happen to have one of these old robots around and are thinking of selling it please let me know. I will give it a good home.

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