RHINO Robots

Rhino Robots are still in production. They have several new models including the XR-4 and many accessories. They can also provide upgrades to existing XR robot arms, and parts. Unfortunately they can not help with the original XR-1 robot arm or the mobile Scorpion robot. Their contact information is below:

5928 State Route 128
Miamitown, OH 45041
(513) 353-9772 Voice
(513) 353-4040 Fax
(800) 562-1888

Below is a picture of some of their early robots which are no longer in production. These are shown mainly for historical reasons. I have an original XR-1 arm which still needs restoration work. Instead of the single controller it has a controller that is spread across two of the normal control boxes. I am in need of the manual for this early Rhino arm and hopefully can get it going again if I can obtain a copy of it. I also have an assembled Scorpion robot and most of a Scorpion kit. Unfortunately I lack the documentation and software for the Scorpion robot. If you have anything for it please let me know.

An old Rhino XR-1 Robotic ARM (Out of production)

Picture of Scorpion robot advertisement
An advertisement for the old Scorpion robot which is no longer produced. I believe the production of around 1000 of them were made.

A RHINO ARM answered the phone in the Movie "Short Circuit"

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Last updated on 3-23-2002