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Tomy has created many toy robots throughout the years and in the 80's created a line of small Personal robots. They don't have a true onboard programmable computer but are fun nonetheless. The top of the line was the Omnibot 2000 which could pour drinks on a special serving tray. The programming is done by recording the movement commands to a regular cassette tape which can be played back at certain times by using the built-in clock. That is about the extent of the programming. The specs below are for the Omnibot and the Omnibot 2000.

1. Tape recorder
two tracks, mono
tape type: normal
tape speed: +/- 0.3%
deviation: less then 0.3%

2. alarm clock
display: LCD
accuracy: +/- 3 sec/day
power: 1.5v AA battery
duration: typical 5000 hours

3. recharger
coax plug (negative middle)
in: 120vac
out: 6vdc, 300ma

4. Main Battery
type: closed, lead gel-cell
power: 6v, 4.0ah

5. General
Operating time: 4 hours
Load display: Red light, shows discharge at 5.7v
operating temp: 5 deg - 40 deg celsius

6. Microphone
type: dynamic, 300 - 600 ohms

7. Operating R/C frequency: 27.125 mhz

8. External outlets:
Output: 6vdc
Speaker: 8 ohms
R/C: output 5vdc, 800ma
Timer: output 6vdc, 100ma
Sensor: only for Tomy accessory

9. bulbs for eye-lights
2.8v, 200ma
use not more than 3v 250ma

10. Remote Control
4 * 1.5v (AA)

Picture of Omnibot 2000

The Picture above is of the TOMY Omnibot 2000. They also made a whole Series of smaller Robots. Below is a picture of a regular Omnibot.

Picture of Omnibot robot

Robots related to the Omnibots:

Besides the Omnibots they also made a version of the regular Omnibot for Radio Shack called Robbie Sr. It is exactly like the regular Omnibot except it has the head section from a Hearoid as pictured below:

Picture of Hearoid robot
There was also another Omnibot variant made for TTC which used a custom remote that could be trained to a users voice. It is called the Hearoid.

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